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Miguel Iglesias Confirms Soundness of Contemporary Dance of Cuba

Dancer Miguel Iglesias has led for 33 years Danza Contemporanea de Cuba (DCC), one of the most relevant dancing companies of the country with world recognition.

Tostones, ambassadors of Cuban food

This is a great ideal for tapas, appetizers, or snacks, and identifies Cuban cuisine world-wide.


Habano’s times

I've always wondered why habanos are called so, if Havana is the last stage in the chain of production…

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Sierra Maestra Ideal Spot for Hikers Sierra Maestra Ideal Spot for Hikers

Text & photos: Roberto F. Campo

The Sierra Maestra mountain range is the perfect place for adventurous travelers. The region is full of lush greenery and traditions that allow visitors to let their imaginations run free or to simply enjoy everyday life here.

Cuba Security in practice Cuba Security in practice

By Mercy Ramos, Photos: Publicitur

Every traveller wants to know their chosen vacation location is safe. Travellers want a destination where they won’t be at risk of being assaulted or kidnapped. They want to know they won’t fall victim to crime or extreme weather phenomena, or to a deadly virus or other debilitating disease. Travellers want to count on a happy and secure stay.

Abstraction in expression Abstraction in expression

By Roxana Consuegra

On Línea in Vedado, one of Havana's arterial avenues, at its intersection with another main street called Paseo lies a space dedicated to young Cuban art, a conceptual crossroads where the paths of some of the country's most contemporary artists converge.

MALECÓN, Havana’s Longest Terrace MALECÓN, Havana’s Longest Terrace

Text & photos: Jorge Luis Sánchez Rivera

Waves break along the length of the sea wall that borders Havana’s most popular thoroughfare, the avenida Antonio Maceo also known as the Malecón. This eight kilometre coastal highway is one of the most visited sites in the capital.

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