Jueves de Tun Tún Jueves de Tun Tún

Desde hace un tiempo, no anochece en La Habana como en El Diablo Tun-Tún. Y la culpa es de Rey Fernández...

Old School Old School

Vieja Escuela ( Old School in English ) might seem like more of the same, but beware: unlike other Cuban bands moved by the ’rockin’ nostalgia, this group is reluctant to imitate the classics and dares to have its own versions.

Gema returns ... Gema returns ...

It took Gema Corredera 15 years, but eventually returned home, better than ever,  in classics like Para de Fumar (Stop Smoking)at Casa de las Americas, with a concert dedicated to singer Marta Valdés.

NCLH bets on luxury cruises in Cuba NCLH bets on luxury cruises in Cuba

The company Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) enlists the launching of the Seven Seas Explorer, the most luxurious cruise ship ever built, and between plans and preparations, its executives confirmed that they are only pending the approval of the government of Cuba to open a route to the island in November.


An Authentic Nature Destination

An Authentic Nature Destination

The Cuban archipelago has abundant green areas with resplendent nature. This island poetically described by Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén as the ‘long green lizard with eyes of stone and water’ holds endless surprises amid its spectacular scenery.

The team

Dominic Soave
Cuba’s National Septet Celebrating 90 Years

Cuba’s National Septet Celebrating 90 Years

The Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro founded in Havana on December 3rd, 1927 by Ignacio Piñeiro was the only musical group that received gold medals at two international fairs in the 20th century – in Seville, 1929 and Chicago, 1933.

A Glance at Cuba

A Glance at Cuba

North American student Ripsime Biyazyan visited Cuba recently on an academic trip and her camera lens captured diverse details of the country and its people.