Bright Future

Bright Future

Founded sixteen years ago, Transconsul is a legal consultancy that today enjoys great prestige in the country for the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the services it offers to its national and international clients particularly in the realm of transport law.

General director Camilo Pascual Vizcaíno explained in an interview with CubaPlus that Transconsul’s work covers many areas. It carries out legal diagnostics for organizations, arranges legal documentation and prepares, monitors and certifies legal orders, regulations, reports and reviews.

Bright Future

“Transconsul also provides organizational consultancy services and gives advice on drawing up legal documents,” he goes on. “We prepare documents to take posterior effect, and we advise on the preparation of documents and the processes of disciplinary actions, material responsibility actions and pending accounts.”

“Additionally we advise our clients on matters concerning contractual and financial negotiation, we represent our clients in judicial and administrative processes of any kind, we give advice on enforcement of sentences and judgements. We undertake all procedures relating to patent rights and intellectual property. We also offer professional technical training. We provide legal disclosure services and legal secretarial services. We can act as insurance agents for property insurance, civil liability insurance and risk management.”

On the subject of ZED Mariel, the special development zone located around the port of Mariel to the west of Havana, the firm’s director explained that foreign investors can seek advice and start the relevant procedures for investing in Cuba by presenting the following documentation: the company’s certificate of incorporation and its statutes, a document that authorises the non- Cuban national to carry out work on behalf of the company in Cuba, and an up-to-date certificate of registration with the relevant Chamber of Commerce issued less than six months previously. All documents must be correctly legalised by the relevant Cuban consulate and notarized before a Cuban notary public.

Foreign businesses can invest in many Cuban sectors, amongst them agriculture, agroindustry, energy and mines, the sugar industry (modernization, derivates, production management), the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, tourism, transport and construction.

Responding to a question on Transconsul’s work over the past sixteen years, Pascual Vizcaíno said the firm has fulfilled and exceeded its objectives. He said the company’s directorate has put in great effort to meet work plans and objectives, as have all the personnel in general. He explained this has been possible thanks to the exceptionally qualified legal staff who hold a great breadth of professional experience, but that they are also supported by a technical and logistical infrastructure that facilitates the provision of a legal service that meets the needs of the client and the requirements of current rules, regulations and legislation.

Finally he added that the future of Transconsul looks extremely promising.

“The company is undergoing a restructure that will make it a Sociedad Civil de Servicios Jurídicos (general partnership). This will allow us to expand our corporate purpose and further specialize our services in terms of situational assessment, formulating problems, developing marketing strategies and investigating new means of action. We have been laying the necessary competence foundations through knowledge management, to make sure we raise our intellectual capital levels and structure it in the best possible way to put that human talent to use in improving the legal services we provide to the client.”

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