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First class value

First class value

A solid and safe path in Cuba. It treasures a work of excellence guaranteed by more than three decades of existence.

First class value

Derivados del Acero (DA) is a leading company in Cuba in the production and commercialization of steel wire derivatives, articles and their derivatives, coated electrodes for welding, among others. The company has more than three decades history of excellent work, endorsed by its customers with satisfaction and confidence, thanks to an extensive range of high quality certified products.

Part of the Steel-Working Industry Business Group (GESIME), under the Ministry of Industries, the company is currently composed of two Basic Business Units (UEB): Metalúrgica Camagüey, in the municipality of Nuevitas, and Derivados del Alambre, in Minas, in that same eastern Cuban province.

Metalúrgica Camagüey has several workshops for the production process: wire drawing, galvanizing, braiding and electrodes, responsible for producing different types of high quality wires, staples and electrodes for different sectors of the national industry.

Derivados del Alambre is responsible for manufacturing all types of mesh and nails, which are in great demand and used in production for industry, agriculture, construction, tourism, health, sugarcane harvesting and the housing sector, among others. The company can boast of excellent performance, giving confidence and satisfaction to customers, as it complies fully with the commitments made with different economic and social sectors of the country. To that end, it applies a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, which has enabled it to expand even beyond the borders.

First class value

Recent highlights of Metalúrgica Camagüey’s plans include the delivery of over a thousand tons of products per year, on average, to clients of the Ministries of Agriculture, Construction, Domestic Trade and Public Health; ETECSA, DIP MARIEL (Mariel Development Zone), ALMEST, and the Azcuba and Tabacuba business groups. It is fundamental for the company to continuously improve its products and, despite the world epidemiological situation, it has not stopped producing during nearly two years of the pandemic sweeping the world, Ubaldo Acosta Cepero, General Director of Derivados del Acero in Camagüey, told this publication.

During 2021, the company fulfilled its monthly production plan, with alternative manufacturing, despite the impossibility of importing the fundamental raw materials it requires.

First class value

“The main aim of our productions is to assure the development of the objectives of the programs prioritized by our nation, which are a main part of the sustenance of the country as far as the nutrition, construction of houses, production of exportable items and others.”

All this work is focused on serving the population and developing the national economy, so no effort will be spared to achieve our goals.




Telf: +53 5213 6600, +53 5285 0955
Calle Avellaneda, No. 411, e/ San José y Francisquito, Camagüey.

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