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Excellence backed by more than 5 decades

Excellence backed by more than 5 decades

INPUD (Industrial Production Company of Household Appliances) reports to the Ministry of Industries (MINDUS) and is part of the GELECT (Electronics Group) Higher Organization of Business Management (OSDE). Several of the products are based on salvaged raw materials.

Located in the central region of the country, this organization occupies around 268,000 square meters in total and has seen a year-on-year growth in development.

Known for producing highly competitive articles and having excellent human capital, it is today the fundamental ally of Cuban households as the main producer of domestic utensils in the country.

Excellence backed by more than 5 decades

On July 24, 1964, the then Minister of Industries, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, inaugurated “INPUD 1ro de Mayo” in front of thousands in Villa Clara.

At the present time it is working towards import substitution, with the aim of manufacturing the equipment that is imported by the chain stores for the internal market.

Meanwhile, adapting to the new age, INPUD has begun venturing into electronic commerce which is growing strongly within the development of the country. In the digital page of Citmatel, the company offers several utensils, among them, one and two burner tabletop hobs and four-burner stoves with an oven; wall and pedestal fans of 16 and 18 inches, table fans of 12 and 16 inches, as well as rice cookers and electric pressure cookers.

The domestic utensil industry is also positioned in the MLC market through the stores created for this purpose, with new higher range products offering better features, such as the four-burner gas stove with oven and the 18-inch Órbita pedestal fan.

MAIN PRODUCTS - Products for domestic and industrial use.
- Refrigerators.
- Rice and multipurpose cookers.
- Domestic ovens of various types and industrial ovens .
- Water coolers.
- Table, wall and pedestal fans.
- Tools.
- Plastic articles.
- Low voltage electrical equipment.
- Specialized products for tourism infrastructure and gastronomy and various services, among others.




Telf: +53 52799520, +53 52172491
Carretera Central Km 298 y Avenida Calixto García, Santa Clara, Villa Clara.

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