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Industrias Nexus S.A., your investment opportunity

Industrias Nexus S.A., your investment opportunity

Industrias NEXUS S.A. is a trading company with 100% Cuban capital, sponsored by the Light Industry Business Group (GEMPIL), whose purpose is to associate with national and foreign interests for the development of businesses and to provide labor force supply services, mainly to light industry. As a secondary activity, it provides business and foreign investment advisory services.

It is a shareholder in 11 joint ventures, some of which have already had their term extended. Suchel Camacho S.A., with more than 26 years, is the one that has been in existence the longest. The joint ventures established with foreign companies recognized in the international market in Ireland, Holland, Italy, Spain and Vietnam are: Konfort Industria del Descanso S.A., Dujo Copo S.A., Suchel Camacho S.A., Suchel Camacho S.A., Suchel Proquimia S.A., Durero Caribe S.A., Compacto Caribe S.A., Adypel S.A., Mediatex S.A., as well as Unilever Suchel S.A., Industria Arthis S.A. and Suchel TVB S.A. in the Mariel Special Development Zone.

In addition, the Cuban corporation accompanies the process of negotiating and creating international economic association contracts (CAEI) in the industrial sector.

It currently has five contracts for productive management, whose investors come from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Chile and Italy, in the fields of garment manufacturing, flexible packaging and door manufacturing.

This year, short and medium-term projects are being developed to create new joint ventures which include producing and marketing footwear, bags, garments, sporting goods, sanitary products, paint and furniture, among others, necessary for the country’s sustainable development and attractive for foreign investment.

Also in 2022, the Industrias NEXUS S.A. Employer Branch began operating, formed by a professional team committed to selecting and recruiting human capital to supply qualified personnel to joint ventures in the sector outside the Mariel Special Development Zone, as well as to employee training and development.

The advisory services offered by the company are mainly focused on sharing the knowledge and expertise acquired in the formation of joint ventures in Cuba, accompanying clients throughout the process, from project conception to implementation.

Industrias NEXUS S.A. is your opportunity to invest in Cuban industry.




Telf: +53 7204 5184, +53 7204 5190
Centro de Negocios Kohly, Calle 34 e/ 49 y 49a, Rpto. Kohly, Playa , La Habana, Cuba.

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