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Punto zer0, Italian Fashion for the World

By Arianna Battini, Director, Puntozero International Srl. Photos: José Adrián Wilson and Oscar L. Benítez

Thirty years experience in the world of fashion and the work Puntozero has done as a firm with prestigious Italian and international brands doesn’t take away the fear of starting a new journey, but it gives me the strength, courage and decisiveness to bring Italian fashion to all the men and women who want to dress in the now.

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The Iconic Cuban Guayabera

By Elizabeth Borrero, Photos: Prensa Latina

The distinctive Cuban guayabera is much more than a garment worn at official events and a cool linen shirt suitable for Cuba’s year round high temperatures. Its origins, heritage and popularity have made it a global symbol of traditional Cuba. Unlike more common shirts designs, the bottom of a traditional guayabera has slits on two sides and four buttons.

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Boga: King of Tailoring

By Mercy Ramos / Photos: José Meriño

Rex means king in Latin and the brand's distinctive golden crown marks a high quality, creative product that stays fresh and never gets old.

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ROX950 The silver fair

Photos: Antonio Hernández

Crossing the threshold of the big house on Línea in the Havana neighbourhood of El Vedado is like entering a fantasy world full of light and sparkle, where displayed in geometric cabinets countless jewelry pieces crafted from silver, semiprecious stones and other materials lie waiting to be admired. The pieces are striking in their beauty and seem as if they were created by the magical hands of a fairy.

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Green Hat Vintage Old School Charm

Photographer: Moník Molinet/ La Pistola de Moník, Models: Anel Cheyla / CubaModela, MUA & Hair Style: Pavel Marrero, Stylist: Yohana Díaz / Green Hat Vintage, Production: Day García

Mexican designer Yohana Díaz Flores started out designing interiors and now devotes herself to something she is even more passionate about: upcycling vintage clothing, recreating a universe that takes us back to the charms of times past.

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Chueco, mundo infantil

Daniel, Diego and Darío are young brothers living a life that, thanks to good things coming together, will probably always keep them united. Their story is the result of a dream, of hard work they have watched as children and that will leave them with a legacy that they themselves have helped to build and represent.

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Catherine Dorticós, working for children

Catherine Dorticós debuted as a children’s wear designer, showing her first collection in 2014 at the Fine Arts Museum (Museo de Bellas Artes) in Havana as part of a children’s runway show sponsored by UNICEF

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By Anayce Figueroa Oñate, Photos by Camila Designer: Anayce Figueroa & Yandy Salvy Díaz, Make up and hair: Miurkis and Models: Natali Soave & Fidel Álvarez

CRUXERO® is a casual wear design and manufacturing project, created in Havana in 2015 by Cuban designers who graduated from the ISDI (2003-2004).

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The Guayza Project: The Art of Dressing Well

The Guayza Project is a fashion design collection dedicated to reviving and updating the rich cultural history of textile and clothing design characteristic of the Cuban province of Ciego de Ávila. Building on traditional techniques, the Project experiments with the latest developments in fashion, especially the styles preferred by younger generations, with the fundamental aim being to produce and bring to market fine clothing items that are genuinely Cuban.

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Oliva Filigrees

Photos: Sadiel Mederos.

A filigree is a fine thread, twisted with hundreds or thousands of other threads, arranged in artistic motifs. Sometimes it is a unique, unrepeatable, surprisingly simple piece. As delicate and surprising as each of the threads that make it up, the filigree goes beyond - it is the technique, the magic by which the man with the talent, patience and creativity incorporates a bit of himself in each fragment. Jorge Oliva has dedicated his life to sculpture and filigree.

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Clara Camalleri, perfumes for every taste

By Mercy Ramos / Photos: José Meriño

Perfume carries an element that ultimately completes and gives women’s and men’s wardrobes distinction. For most people a good fragrance is a symbol of elegance.

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Art and Fashion, Hand in Hand

Created more than a decade ago, the Art and Fashion event emerged at a crucial time for the sector, as the limitations of the so-called ‘Special Period’ (the 90’s of the last century) had caused a decline in the production of clothing.

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