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Salomé: from books to a needle and thread

By: Mercy Ramos, Photos: Lilien Trujillo Vitón, Assistant: Alejandro Moya, Makeup and Hair: Rachel Dalmau, Models: Alicia Hechavarría, Jhayna Duarte and Daniela Callejas
Salomé: from books to a needle and thread

Changing her job from book editor, which she was passionate about, to clothing designer was not an easy task for María Salomé Morales. She was leaving a highly valued profession and many years of work and experience to start from scratch. However, she does not regret it because she achieved her dreams.

Salomé: from books to a needle and thread

So began our conversation with this lady, “a warrior” for her hard work over two decades to achieve the recognition she now has as a designer in the difficult and competitive world of fashion.

In the beginning, she created designs and sewed pieces that, with the help of her daughter, then a teenager, were modeled for friends on a catwalk in her living room. As time went by, the demand for her clothes grew and her house became too small. So she had to look for seamstresses and other spaces.

New ideas arose and she was able to undertake several projects, with the help of friends. However, the largest and most important, created with her daughter Cathy, is the Salomé Fashion House, founded in 2013.

“In addition to women’s beachwear, sportswear, smart casual wear, dress wear, bridal gowns, and men’s shirts, we have the Sueños Collection of women’s lingerie, and the children’s collection directed and created by my daughter, which has already won two FIART awards,” she said.

Throughout her career she has participated in numerous projects, including Havana Fashion Week, of which she was the creator and director.

She has also presented her designs at national and international events such as HAVANABEL, FIMAE, FENART, EXUBERARTE, Arte en la Rampa, the International Crafts Fair (FIART), many times at the country’s most important fashion house, La Maison, and in hotels and other institutions.

Salomé: from books to a needle and thread

Given the situation currently imposed by the pandemic, Salomé is now ready to work again, with her experience accumulated over several years. In this issue she shows a preview of some designs to be included in her Spring- Summer collection, as well as exotic mannequins designed exclusively to present this new beginning. One can say, therefore, that the change was worth it.




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