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To the beat of Capitalia

By: Cary Quintana, Photos: courtesy of William Roblejo
To the beat of Capitalia

The experience gained during 18 years of artistic career as a music professional, and work as a member of different groups and Cuban orchestras - including that of David Torrens, Kelvis Ochoa, Decemer Bueno, Roberto Carcasés and Interactivo– have been essential for William Roblejo, a prodigal violinist. He is currently developing his own musical artistic project.

To the beat of Capitalia

William Roblejo´s Trio is made up of three string instruments: bass, guitar and violin, by Julio César González, Roberto Gómez and William Roblejo, respectively. This project is committed to each one of these instruments.

Indistinctly, everyone has their moment starring in the various works as a soloist, accompanied by the other two.

Dreaming is the name of a first album produced in 2013, which featured the presence of several guests.

In this, in addition to the instrumental work, one can ponder the voice of greats of Cuban song like Omara Portuondo. Six years later, in 2019, William Roblejo’s Trio concentrated on the production of a new single titled Capitalia. In this case, the nine songs that make up the album are entirely instrumental, unlike his previous work that included vocal melodies in some of the compositions. Capitalia is a tribute to Havana, the capital and the Capitol transformed into a woman, a musical tribute to the 500 years since the Villa de San Cristóbal de La Habana was founded, which also boasts illustrious figures and immortalized rhythms. Different genres are represented in this second musical compendium that harmonize as a fabric woven by its author. Apart from “Amor de loca juventud” by Rafael Ortiz –exponent of the traditional Cuban trova, William Roblejo was the composer of almost all of the songs, and sought diversity in terms of rhythms. Jazz, bossa nova, son and country are some of the most identified in the mosaic, always nuanced with current music trends. Similarly, there is a diversity in the harmony, resulting from participation by various instrumentalists as guests.

To the beat of Capitalia

In this sense, Rodney Barreto on drums, Damián Campos on flamenco guitar and Leandro Cobas on cajon, they also stamp their art onto the simple and bring richness in tone. For the current year, the Egrem label will promote this new production.

The recent Cubadisco Award nomination is already a confirmation of quality and acceptance by the institutions and mechanisms that govern the dissemination of this art. It only remains to wait for the response of the public, who will undoubtedly enjoy and dance to the beat of Capitalia.

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