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A Breath of Fresh Air for the Cuban Music Scene

By: Nancy Lescaille Photos by Ronin Novoa Wong
A Breath of Fresh Air for the Cuban Music Scene

Only nine months from its creation, the musical group SMS conquered the applause and excitement of approximately 6,000 spectators who enjoyed their performances at the famous Lucas Awards Show.

The Lucas Awards Program is presented annually, rewarding the best Cuban video clips and other related categories, making it the most important of its kind across the Cuban Music Scene.

On the list of popular artists, SMS was invited on a tour by the Lucas project in recognition of its nomination in the category of Most Popular Video of the Year (2013). When Simpatiko (Lázaro Luis Becerra), singer and director of the group, Denver (Adrián Armenteros Moreno), singer, and A*Ruz (Alejandro Ruz Rosa), also singer, finished the performance they felt that their biggest dream was starting to become a reality. Until then the public had only known them through T.V. and radio.

A Breath of Fresh Air for the Cuban Music Scene

The three young men (19, 20 and 21 years of age), are accompanied by a drummer, a guitarist and a pianist, and occasionally 10 is a complete show. When Cubaplus asked about what musical genres the group plays, Simpatiko responded: “Ballads, pop, house, latin disco, reggae, electronic music, all with a touch of Cubanism, fusing the different styles to bring out modern tendencies. Denver is a rapper and he likes everything that has to do with the underground, A*Ruz, who is a violinist, goes for ballads and romantic music while I am particular to electronic music. We are all different but together we are one”.

SMS took its acronym from the well-known messaging service and tries to communicate a message of love through all of its songs. They are determined to reach all those who trust and believe in this feeling. “It satisfies and moves me to see the reactions and acceptance of our fans, to see how young people get excited and even cry, running up to us to take a photo, “says Simpatiko. Being supported and becoming a part of our country´s musical history is our wish”.

“Our aspirations are that our music please all types of audiences, to be recognized as true artists and gain popularity,” adds A*Ruz.

In one year alone, SMS has made 10 video clips and 2 demos, in which appear a selection of their 50 songs, all played on T.V. and radio, many of them on the Hit Parade list with songs such as La familia de mi novia, Kiss me and Vida loca.

A Breath of Fresh Air for the Cuban Music Scene

Only two months ago, SMS made a video clip with the actor and Spanish producer Eduardo Casanova, titled Otro día más (Another Day in English), which talks about relationships, love and different views on desperate acts of loneliness . The setting is colorful, Luis Najmia is director of photography and Eduardo is in charge of art.

As for plans ahead, these young men are excited about performing across the entire country, and, before the year is over will record the CD Pasaporte y fama (Passport and Fame in English) with Egrem (Cuba Company of recordings and musical editions).

SMS also told Cubaplus that they were invited to the Lucas Awards Gala in November 2014 and in which they will present their video Vida loca, which is a hit in Cuba and up for an award.

Ernesto Maestro, the group´s musical producer and representative, also announced that the vocalist José Luis Núñez, founder and ex-member of the popular Los Angeles, aged 26, will shortly be joining SMS.SMS´ songs are entertaining, happy, full of rhythm and have great lyrics . Their style is popular and there is no doubt that the group is quickly becoming a musical sensation for boys, girls and older fans...a breath of fresh air for the Cuban music scene.

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