3rd edition of the International Convention and Exhibition Industry of Cuba, 2018

Sponsored by the Cuba Ministry of Industry and with the participation of ONUDI, "CUBAINDUSTRIA 2018: In the path of sustainable and supporting development" will be held in Havana, Cuba. The 3rd edition will constitute a favorable environment for scientific and technical exchange, strengthening partnerships between domestic and foreign industries, promotion of the export items, and consolidation of national productions.

CUBAINDUSTRIA organizing committe convenes business man and researchers, related to the industrial sector in Cuba and other countries, to present their professional contributions and trade shows, with the assurance that these efforts will lead to a higher integration and cooperation among all the participants.


Source: http://www.cubaindustria.cu/index.php/version-ingles

Email: cubaindustria@mindus.gob.cu +53 78610748

Stock Island
Taina Gourp
Fira Barcelona
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