IX International Conference for Renewable Energy, Energy Saving and Energy Education

The Study Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER), from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Higher Polytechnic Institute "José Antonio Echeverría" (ISPJAE) invites scientists, engineers, manufactures, investors, policy makers, energy users and other specialists to the VII International Conference for Renewable Energy, Energy Saving and Energy Education (CIER2017) to be held from May, 29- June, 28, 2017 at The Convention Palace of Havana.

The use of renewable energy sources and their projections toward the future in Cuba and the Caribbean, are the main objectives on the agenda of specialists. The efficient use of renewable sources and the search for new ways of using these sources, will enable the percentage of injection to the grid is increased. The CIER 2017 will be a scenery where you can present the results achieved in the energy sphere, so you will provide a greater contribution to achieving this goal. For which has been selected as theme of this conference: "The Caribbean towards 100% with Renewable Energy Sources".


Within the frame of this conference, several workshops regarding to the different subjects of CIER2017 will carry out: V International Wind Energy Workshop, III International Workshop of Hydrogen as an alternative fuel, II International Workshop of Photovoltaic Solar Energy, I International Workshop of Biodiesel and I International Workshop about the Biomass.

CIER 2017 provides an excellent platform to share experiences and promote synergies towards the challenge of achieving a sustainable energy development.

Source: http://www.ciercuba.com/

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