Cuba’s 21st International Book Fair 2012

Cuba’s 21st International  Book Fair 2012

The 21st International Cuba Book Fair 2012 will be held from February 9 to 19, 2012 in Havana and will continue throughout the whole country until March 4, under the motto “Reading Is Growing.”

Cuba’s 21st International  Book Fair 2012The book fair will pay tribute to the bicentennial of the rebellion organized by José Antonio Aponte against the Spanish colonial empire in Cuba and the centennial of the Colored Independent Party members’ uprising. It will honor, as usual, two Cuban authors: Zoila Lapique Becali, winner of the 2002 National Social Sciences Award and Ambrosio Fornet Frutos, winner of the 2009 National Literature Award and 2000 National Publishing Award.

The Fair will also honor our many Caribbean cultures, envisioned as a great cultural melting pot, diverse and at the same time integrated by their common history, which encompass the fourteen island States, Mexico, the six Central American countries, the four South American countries with Caribbean coasts, plus the territories that are still subjects of European governments. The US state of Louisiana will be included due to the similar nature of its links with the Caribbean region.