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President Allende Student Residence

By Roberto F. Campos, Photos: Publicitur (Norlys)

The President Allende Student Residence has become like home for more than two thousand foreign students who are studying medicine in Cuba, providing good accommodations in which to live while in the country and above all, understanding, love and dedication. This is what many students expressed to our magazine

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Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, CSMC S.A.

By Dr.Jorge Miranda Quintana President of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos (CSMC S.A.)

The Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos (CSMC S.A.) is a Cuban organization that markets Cuban medical services, offering people the opportunity of finding the way to obtain health care in Cuba.

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Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana, Faculty of Health Technology

The facility in which the Faculty of Health Technology is located today was founded in 1984 as the Dr. Salvador Allende Polytechnic Health Institute. In 2002, it became the Training School for Emerging Health Technicians and in 2003 it became the Faculty of Health Technology. As such, it was part of the network of Havana University’s Medical Sciences educational centers and was also a Methodological Center for the training of pre and postgraduate professionals and technicians linked to health technologies.

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Cuba: in pursuit of responsible aesthetics

Nowadays, much of the world’s population is concerned with aesthetics, as more and more, companies are requesting a “good appearance” when hiring an employee, in addition to the right skills to fill a position.

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Doctors for the World

By: Moriah Ray and Jasmine Hall

Expansive medical discoveries, universal health care, and a massive annual output of highly trained doctors is only a fraction of what Cuba has contributed to its citizens and the global health community.  

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CNIC, Towards the Development of New Natural Health Products

By: Alfredo Boada Mola

The Cuban National Center of Scientific Research (CNIC) develops new natural products for the treatment of a variety of illnesses, thereby improving the health and quality of life of the Cuban people. “In the last few years we have obtained excellent results in the development of natural products such as PPG (Policosanol), known to reduce cholesterol levels and recommended for people with diabetes and hypertension”, said Blanca Rosa Hung, CNIC's General Director, to Cubaplus.

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Ebola Alert: Cuba´s International Aid

By: Vivian Collazo Montano

Last March Guinea-Conakry reported the first cases of an Ebola outbreak which quickly spread to other Western African countries. Since then, more than 14,000 people have become infected, 5,200 of which have died.

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MEDICUBA S. A. Working for Health for Half a Century

By: Mercy Ramos

Since its constitution just over 50 years ago, MEDICUBA S. A. has served the national health system as the way of entry for the acquisition of the necessary supplies to adequately respond to the needs of the Cuban population,” said the Carlos Torres Suco, M.Sc., Medicuba’s president.

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Cuba’s Key to Youth: Three Hours a Week

By: Isaura Diez, Photos: Manuel Muñoa

Ninety-two year old Ana María Guzmán can touch the ground without blending her knees. She discovered the fountain of youth in one of Havana´s parks. For her and another 84 elderly persons, Tai Chi is the key to good health and readiness.

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SERVIMED, More Than Two Decades of Providing Healthcare

By Mercy Ramos, Photos: José Meriño

Founded more than two decades ago, SERVIMED is today a symbol of Cuba’s health system throughout the world, its prestige earned through the services that it has provided people who visit Cuba for healthcare at various accredited institutions that are known for their high scientific and humanitarian standards.

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Medical attention and health care in Cuba, Serving the World

The accomplishments of Cuba's health system, its scientific and technical achievements in biotechnology and medicine, and the professionalism and humanism of the country's doctors and all its healthcare personnel are the main reasons for growing interest in health-related travel to Cuba.

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