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EMCOMED transporting life

EMCOMED transporting life

EMCOMED, a medicine marketing and distribution company, belonging to the Superior Organization of Business Management (OSDE) BioCubaFarma, also offers specialized logistical services with high added value to the Cuban pharmaceutical industry, which guarantee qualified and specialized personnel to participate across processes such as:
- Logistical support to medicine production with delivery to the manufacturers of the raw materials, packaging material and supplies from the port and airport enclosures or EMCOMED’s own facilities.
- Removal of finished products from BioCubaFarma’s laboratories or from the airport or port to EMCOMED’s logistics platform.
- Distribution of finished products to all provinces of the country.
- Logistical support of BioCubaFarma group exports until their delivery at the airport and port facilities.

EMCOMED transporting life

The company’s structure allows it, from the logistics platforms in the nation’s capital, to efficiently move raw materials and packaging materials to BioCubaFarma’s manufacturing laboratories, and finished medicines (domestic and imported) to the distribution centers in all provinces (primary distribution), from where they are delivered to health institutions (secondary distribution).

The company also has two national transportation bases, strategically located in the west (Havana) and east of the country (Santiago de Cuba), guaranteeing better use of vehicles and an efficient flow of loads.

EMCOMED’s fleet is made up of specialized vehicles certified by the Center for State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED) for the distribution of pharmaceutical products, operated by the organization’s own personnel trained in Good Distribution Practices and Cold Chain.

EMCOMED transporting life

All these vehicles are equipped with on-board computers, which allow the use of satellite monitoring via GPS and are managed through the Movilweb location application, ensuring an efficient Fleet Management and Control System. Specifically, in the case of primary distribution, there is a real-time system, which facilitates decision making and greater use of transportation.

These strengths of EMCOMED make it the only BioCuba- Farma organization that is present in the entire medicine supply chain up to the last mile, as demanded by the health system in Cuba.

EMCOMED’s logistics expertise makes it capable of facing new challenges efficiently and effectively, as has happened in the last two years confronting the epidemiological situation generated by COVID-19, when the level of operations increased exponentially, mainly due to health system emergencies. EMCOMED adapted its logistic flows and systems, achieving quick and innovative solutions, guaranteeing that the medicines and diagnostics needed to confront the pandemic reached every corner of the country at the required time.

In every achievement of the organization, in every thank you or recognition received, there is the effort and commitment of the employees, who with professionalism and humanism allow EMCOMED to continue “Transporting Life”, always “Committed to the health of the people”.




Telf: +53 7649 1085, +53 7648 7996
Lic. Ángel Luis Chacón Padrón / Calzada de Vento No. 4161 e/ Línea de Ferrocarril y Callejón de Miraflores, Cerro, La Habana, Cuba.

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