First Havana Club Course Master Class for Journalists

First Havana Club Course Master Class for Journalists

The first Havana Club Course Master Class for journalists was held this week in the Cuban capital, with the participation of around 30 Cuban and foreign media professionals accredited in the country.

During two intense working days, participants were able to learn about the process of making Cuban rum and its characteristics, according to the type of spirit that the rum is made of, depending on the mixes and the aging time.

The journalists attending the course were also able to participate in  a tasting with three of the products marketed by the company: Havana Club 3 years, Havana Club 7 years and Master Selection.

The participants were also able to learn about the extensive marketing work carried out by Havana Club inside and outside of Cuba, taking into account the need to “drink responsibly”, one of the entity's slogans, as well as the preservation of the environment, for which they have developed several campaigns, whose main protagonists have been the workers of the company.

During the last day, Habano sommeliers Fernando Fernández and Damián Domínguez, ambassador of the Havana Club brand internationally, offered a broad explanation during the pairing class between a cigar Trinidad and the Havana Club Cohiba Atmospheres Union rum, specially prepared to mate with the Habano.

The joint venture Havana Club International S.A. was founded in 1993 through the union of Cuba Ron S. A. Corporation and the French company Pernod Ricard, with the objective of commercializing the product worldwide.

Currently, Rum Havana Club is one of the world’s favorite, it is sold in about 125 countries and in 2018 exported around 4, 8 million boxes (9 liters).