Miguel Iglesias Confirms Soundness of Contemporary Dance of Cuba

Miguel Iglesias Confirms Soundness of Contemporary Dance of Cuba

Dancer Miguel Iglesias has led for 33 years Danza Contemporanea de Cuba (DCC), one of the most relevant dancing companies of the country with world recognition.

The mother group of contemporary dancing in the island has a wide international projection thanks to collaboration projects with famous foreign choreographers such as

Jan Linkens, Kenneth Kuanstrom, Luca Bruni, Rafael Bonachela, Carlos Acosta, Annabelle López Ochoa and Mats Ek.

In all these enterprises has been vital the will, effort and work of the director Iglesias, who was first dancer of the group founded in 1959.

With his capacity to defeat any artistic army, the DCC last year had a leading role in 18 shows in the United Kingdom, with a fabulous acceptance of the public and the European press.

It also participated International Festival Dance Inversion in Moscow, Russia, and performed at the City Center of New York, in the United States, as well as in the National Auditorium of Mexico.

While in Cuba, the group led by Iglesias recently won the Special Villanueva Prize of the Critic and the Prize of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso, handed to the company on January 1, 2018, by the legendary ballerina in person.

Iglesias lacks an academic profesional formation, but his training were the different companies he belonged to, among them, the Ballet of Cuban TV and the Ballet of Camagüey.

   As part of the latter, he achieved the rank of first dancer under the direction of maestro Joaquin Banegas and he premiered the main contemporary works that choreographers Ivan Tenorio, Alberto Mendez and Gustavo Herrera created for the company.

With National Dance of Cuba, later called DCC, have become mythical his representations of Faust, Michelangelo and Libertango, pieces that marked his caree ron stage.

Also, as artist he fed on the work of the group Los Doce (The Twelve) led by Vicente Revuelta, and worked under the direction of Roberto Blanco and Teatro Irrumpe (Burst In Theater) in memorable performances like Yerma.

After he assumed the direction of the DCC on April 4, 1985, there was a creative explosion that has enriched the active repertoire of the company with over 300 world premieres of Cuban and foreign choreographers.

One of his historic milestones will be to have brought about the opening and internationalization of the company to the more renovating trends of contemporary dance.

However, Iglesias reaffirms in each interview his deep faith in the technique of modern Cuban dance and in his company, marked by generations of virtuous dancers, from whom he always demands fighting spirit and an almost cat-like look that impacts in the most diverse stages of the planet.

Nonconformity, intellectual search, constant eagerness to work, are characteristics that describe the director who has been nominated repeatedly for the Cuban National Dance Prize, a recognition he undoubtedly deserves.

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