Cuban artist Arturo Montoto prepares a new exhibition of sculptures

Cuban artist Arturo Montoto prepares a new exhibition of sculptures

The plastic art Cuban artist Arturo Montoto prepares his first exhibition of large format sculptures without dissociate himself of the poetic habitual in his pictorial work, so popular in this island. 

Although he is graduate of painting in Russia and the most part of his career it has dedicated to that manifestation, Montoto takes on the sculpture for vocation and the new project doesn’t break up with the common aesthetics because he continues immersed in his world of fruits, tools and other objects. 

The same as I have painted so far is extracting of the painting and transforming them into sculptures made with resin, he explained in an exclusive interview with Latin Press. 

I already have ready the first piece, a baseball ball of one meter and eighty centimeters in diameter, this is one of the objects more painted by myself, although I don't like baseball, it bores me, admitted this unusual Cuban artist. 

According to the artist, he likes to use the baseball ball like symbolic element, rather ironic, to start from that sort of idolatry profess him by many people in his country. 

As object, I find it beautiful and it interests me from the sculptural point of view because of its form and expression, he explained. The artist takes advantage of the certain that the domestic public will identify the object immediately, just that they’ll find it strange because his ball is black satin and the seam threads of pink color, to achieve visual contrast. 

Another piece will be a broken egg where will be possible to see, inside it, the yolk and the white, while part of the shell will be placed on the floor, in the meantime Montoto and his assistants shape a basket, as the old wicker basket. 

The group of pieces will be exposed in the Gorría gallery, in this capital, which is managed by Jorge Perugorría, in the second half of February 2018. 

Each of the works performance with its individual meaning and own title but keeping a relationship among them, as he asserts, just because extracted of his paintings and because all will be black pieces, because of that, he plans to christen the sample like ´´Dark´´. 

The black help to neutralize the meanings of the original object, I’d like the spectators look at them neutrally and maybe they watch them from the purely aesthetic point of view, is the greatest ambition of this artist who was born in 1953 in the most western province in Cuba, Pinar del Río, where he grew up in a plantation. I was a country boy, raised in a plantation and I lived on horse between the city and the countryside, my childhood took place among the urban and rural, he said. 

He values this fact as his vital experience because his life was marked by that period and the relationship with fruits and the nature was transferred to the art, although he saved for the intimate domestic environment the passion for the animals, especially for cats and dogs. 

During the drawing Dark project up he was always accompanied by Sank, a cute kitten to which found abandoned on the street and even now it continues dirty but because it is happy, frolicking among the sculptures of the artist's house-shop. 

Montoto has in his favor forty personal exhibitions and he has participated in more than a hundred collective shows inside and outside of the native country. Some of his works are in private collections in Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, the United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, France, Spain, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Chile and Cuba.

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