Danay Suárez, a Solid Artist

Danay Suárez, a Solid Artist

She has over 10 thousand unread e-mails. Her posts on Facebook have many comments. His performance in Chile sparked controversy in some sectors, but Danay Suárez continues to believe in the art.

Danay Suárez, a Solid ArtistThe Viña del Mar images show the excitement of an artist. What were you thinking of when you sang your song?

I thought that the crowd was open to a constructive message. As always, I was very calm exposing its content and that was more than a prize. For me it was winning a soul.

How did you feel when receiving the Gaviota de Plata award?

This newsrevolutionized Chile. There is a before and after in the history of the Festival because this prize was unprecedented, it was an inspirational award.

You spoke of a spirituality that you live by. Can you tell us about it?

I gave a strong Christian message to the audience, in obedience to God, which caused a stir, a true impact in Chile. It has a reviving impact on ministries and Christian churches, the news had a scope that overshadowed the rest of what happened at the Festival Viña del Mar.

Danay Suárez, a Solid ArtistWe know you as a member of the Cuban hiphop movement. What do you think of it now? Are you discarding that genre?

I don't, but I'm not a rapper. I am a singer and songwriter who has worked on the basis of hip hop, as well as other genres, but the copying and pasting of media headlines has framed all my work in a genre without having previously been heard in their entirety.

Your work with Roberto Fonseca, for example, placed you in a more experimental Cuban jazz. Why did you decide to take that path? 

It wasn't a decision, working with Fonseca was a mix of relationship and opportunity. The truth is that we understand each other very well musically, and he is a great friend. At various points in our lives we will continue coinciding, in all those mazes with the music output.

If you had to define yourself as an artist, what you like to say? 

I am an artist who always tries to work on something I believe is has not been done, with the style that believed missing. For example, it has always has bothered me to see that when a latino sings certain genres dominated by the English language, it sounds forced, not natural. I have decided to make a design so that my words are sung in the flow of the music style. I have focused on making the music that I wanted to buy. Finally, I am singer, songwriter and lyricist.

Tell us about your most immediate projects after Viña del Mar.

My new album Palabras manuals is available on all digital platforms as of this past March 3rd. It features collaborations with Stephen Marley, The Idan Raichel Project, Aja Monet, El B, de los Aldeanos; and Roberto Fonseca. I think that it is a work of art. It is filled with parables and metaphors that are discovered each time we listen and it has been recorded in analogicaly, instrument by instrument, and detail to detail.

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