Jan Cruz, Pop Music

Jan Cruz, Pop Music

Jan Cruz moves away from all stereotypes and takes the paths of pop-rock and the pop ballad with Aviones de papel ( Paper Airplanes ) , a production by BisMusic label presented at the beginning of 2017.

Cruz experiences with these genres and shows how in present day Cuba there is an unconsolidated movement of renewal for these. That being said, with her involvement these genres can go back to being in the public’s taste, both nationally and internationally.

Jan Cruz, Pop Music"Why choose these types in a country with a strong taste for popular sound, jazz and song?"

"I was very influenced by the type of music my parents listened to at home, from The Beatles and Lionel Ritchie, to Eros Ramazzotti, Alejandro Sanz and Maná, among many others. Then I had the pleasure of accompanying many artists who, though they performed other types of songs, had influences of pop music in most of their repertoire. This led me to learn a little more on the genre and I identified with it and, although I am not disinterested in trying other styles, pop is what I enjoy most.

Aviones de papel came to the digital platforms on March 3rd, like Spotify and Deezer.  Does the album carry all that is Jan Cruz?"

Jan Cruz, Pop Music"I don’t know if I have yet achieved a particular stamp…for my part, I just try to leave my soul in every song and in my own way, try to convey how I feel the music. I hope I am succeeding. Quiero, one of the singles from the album, has had a good impact in these digital platforms.

“Tell us something about the song…”

“I wrote the song when I was working on the repertoire of the record of which it would be a part. In it, I speak a little of dreams and illusions that we accumulate during a large part of our lives, and as in many cases, your goals take another path when you meet someone special or you live an incredible experience. Then, I have always admired Diana Fuentes and her way of conveying. It seemed to me that this song be beautiful with her voice and Diana accepted the invitation, for which I consider myself fortunate. I am very happy and grateful for the public’s reception to the song.

“Before embarking on your solo career, you attended a professional school. Tell us about Jan the student as well as the member of bands of renowned Cuban artists.”

I studied electric bass at the National School of Art from 2000 to 2004. During my second year I started playing in various youth groups and in 2003 was part of the bandDennis y su swing. I learned a lot, above all of Cuban music. Then I started to also accompany great artists like Polito Ibáñez, Santiago Feliu, Anabel López, Raúl Paz, Rochy, Tesis de Menta and Diana Fuentes among many others. I have nourished myself with each and I tried to learn from their experiences. Perhaps there is a bit of them in many of my songs.

“What do you expect from Aviones de papel and do you have any immediate plans for concerts, tours?”

“I think that it is a record with which the public can identify, at least in most of the songs. My biggest dream is that in my concerts and when they hear it at home, it will be received with the same love with which we work on it.”

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