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Cuban Honey is getting sweeter

Charly Morales Valido, on: Environment
Cuban Honey is getting sweeter

Ciego de Avila is a Cuban province worldwide known as a travel destination, thanks to Key Coco and Key Guillermo's beaches. But with over 3,500 new beehives transfered there, there is more honey to export, to Europe mainly.


After centuries of a sweet relationship with sugarcane, honey is gaining importance in Cuban economy. But now the producers from Ciego de Avila have made it to store more than 110 kilograms, 25 percent over the quantity planned for this year.

For over three decades, bee-farmers here take the best of the flowering in the sunny northerm keys. By achieving a better sanitary care and nutrition of the hives, the number of honeycombs increased to 7,600 and the queen-bee genetic improvement also increased.

So Winnie the Pooh, feel welcome to stop by...

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