Cuban women’s judo in the pages of a book

Cuban women’s judo in the pages of a book

 An afternoon dedicated to the sport offered the Cuban literary party with the launching of copies, among them the title Ronaldo Veitia: An Ippon of Stories, by this trainer in coauthorship with Candido Perez Agüero. 

In San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress’ Nicolas Guillen Hall took place the tribute to one of the greatest Cuban sport glories and trainer of the women’s national judo team, the profe (professor) Veitía, as most people call him. 

With a preface by the journalist and Master in Communication Sciences Joel Garcia Leon, the words are crumbled easily in the reporter's pen when he refers to the combat sports’ star as a hero in the tatami. 

Garcia León's foreword referred to the professor’s love for the teaching; to the architect of unforgettable victories in Central American and Caribbean Games, Pan-American and Olympic games. 

For the author of the preface, this sport’s great name is the person able to sow a family on a tatami without that means to be the perfect human work, as he argued explicitly. 

In an exclusive interview with Latin Press Veitía expressed the top significance of this sport to him and its work with the women’s national team. 

Truly it has been for me the greatest activity in the entire life, to work with my girls, and that is a lesson for life, because demonstrates what is able to do the seemingly fair sex which is really a solid, firm and self-confident sex, being with them has made me see how valuable they are. 

If someone propose me to train the masculine team, with all the glories and prestige won with my girls, I say that I prefer to keep on working with women, he highlighted. 

During the tittle’s launching the atmosphere was full up of admiration toward the renewed sportsman who received the Order to the Sport Merit and National Work Hero since 2005. 

With delights, recognitions, difficulties, happiness and mistakes, Veitía has walked through the path of a discipline which needs the highest physical strength, founded by the master Jigoro Kano, first Japanese who represented to that country in the International Olympic Committee. 

My great passions: the judo, the results achieved over the years and my Cuban people. 

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