Emcomed, a birthday at the height of current times

Emcomed, a birthday at the height of current times

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The Medicine Marketing and Distribution Company (Emcomed) is currently a fundamental link in the Cuban health sector, as it is in charge of delivering to the country's pharmaceutical industry everything necessary to guarantee production of this essential sector.

In its 17 years since it was created, on October 7, the entity belonging to the BioCubaFarma Superior Organization of Business Management (OSDE), has worked tirelessly in the logistical assurance of production of medicines, delivering raw  materials to laboratories, packaging material and supplies from the port and airport facilities or from the institution's own facilities.

It has also dealt with the extraction of finished products from the BioCubaFarma laboratories or from the airport or port to the Emcomed logistics platform, as well as something very fundamental: the distribution of finished products to all the provinces of the country.

It is important to highlight that during the little over 24 months that COVID-19 hit the largest of the Antilles, Emcomed played a stellar role, as it was responsible for the distribution of vaccines, diagnostics and all medicines used to combat and prevent this terrible disease.

For all that self-sacrificing work, in which workers spare no time or effort, congratulations and thanks from Cuba to them, with the certainty that the country has an efficient company as needed by the current times.