Expert recognizes the potential of Cuba to renovate the global medicine

Expert recognizes the potential of Cuba to renovate the global medicine

Cuban health system could make great contributions to the new health tendencies at global level, as the precision medicine, professor Pedro Valdes, Cuba Neuroscience Center’s Vice director affirmed. During a conference held in Havana, the doctor explained that this variant represents a change of paradigm. 

This new approach is based on the application of measurements, rules and algorithms to study people during their life and to give them a personalized health care. 

"Although the tendency has achieved a booming in the world, there is a problem and is that according to its application in the developed nations, everything seems to indicate that it will benefit people exclusively with more economic resources and it won't become a solution for the public health", Valdés said. 

However, Cuba is ideally placed to serve as intermediary among the places where the money for research is concentrated and who need that kind of medicine, he considered. 

The island possesses the previous experience necessary for it, due to the family doctor system and the prevention criterion based on the primary health care, he explained. In fact, the island has worked during decades with the same approach to the precision medicine, the expert emphasized. 

For that reason, the country possesses the experience to make progress with this variant and contribute to the world’s public health, Valdés stood out. 

In his conference, the doctor exposed the Cuba’s recent advances within the scope of the international collaboration concerning to the cerebral regions’ connections involved in the cognitive, emotional and coordinating functions with impact in the diagnosis of degenerative, cerebrovascular and psychiatric illnesses. 

Likewise, he presented the real possibilities of the Caribbean nation to play a key role in this multinational collaboration, thanks to the advantages offered by the Cuban health system. 

In this sense, he recognized that the main partners of the largest island of the Antilles in this subject are China and Canada. 

The three of them work very close in the creation of large open databases, which would contribute to encourage the precision medicine, he concluded.

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