Famous picnic Le Diner en Blanc held in Havana

Famous picnic Le Diner en Blanc held in Havana

World famous picnic Le Diner en Blanc (Dinner in White) was held this time in the Cuban capital to honor the 500th Anniversary of its foundation, marked next November 16.

The gardens of the emblematic Hotel Nacional de Cuba were the ideal venue for this picnic, where the about 500 participants could enjoy the magnificent landscape offered by the setting, surrounded by the exquisite sea breeze.

Le Diner en Blanc is held in Cuba for the first time, country chosen for the attraction of its security recognized by international tourism, as well as its heritage wealth and numerous cultural attractions of the Greater of the Antilles.

This picnic-like festivity idea dawned in 1988 from French François Pasquier, who invited his best and closest friends to dinner in Paris after a long trip.

Since then, this picnic to which attendants must go dressed in white and the chosen place is not known until the moment of the dinner, has been organized in over 80 cities throughout the world, among them Paris, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Milan, Chicago, New York, Sydney,  Cartagena and Rio de Janeiro.

In this opportunity, the picnic was organized, besides by the franchise Le Diner en Blanc, by the cultural tourism agency Paradiso and the Minister of Tourism of Cuba.