FITSaludCuba, All Health All At Once

FITSaludCuba, All Health All At Once

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The First International Medical Tourism and Wellness Fair (FITSaludCuba), to be held from October 17 to 20 in Havana, will be a major international event that will showcase Cuba's health potential, built up over many years of training and professional practice, and which, together with biopharmaceutical scientific development and tourism, is focused on healing and offering people the best quality of life.

FITSaludCuba, held as part of the 15th edition of the Health for All Fair, is an opportunity to present the potential of Cuba's health cluster for medical and wellness tourism. The cluster is made up of a wide network of institutions, including 13 branches, five international clinics in Havana, 40 international medical care rooms, 130 offices in hotels, three international health centers and anti-addiction villas; nine clinics in tourist resorts, six thermal centers and spas, 32 PCR sites, 68 pharmacies and 10 opticians' shops.

Among the more than 250 medical programs are those that incorporate unique products from the national biotechnology industry, such as immunological therapies for the treatment of head, neck, lung and skin cancer with CIMAvax-EGFR, VaxiraR, CIMAheR and HeberFERONR; treatments with Heberprot P for wounds and ulcers that are difficult to heal; and therapies for the cure of vitiligo and psoriasis with products derived from human placenta.

Among its main proposals, FITSaludCuba will host the I International Seminar on Medical Tourism and Wellness in order to deepen and exchange knowledge on post-pandemic services, innovations at international and national level, inclusive and sustainable spa wellness tourism, world market trends, management models, international distribution networks and marketing aimed at developing the sector.

Another event is the II International Forum on Foreign Investment. Although the history of Cuban medicine shows achievements in working methods and advanced, innovative rigorous medical procedures and protocols for human health, foreign investment is an opportunity for the health business sector, oriented to exporting goods and services in order to sustain and develop the Cuban National Health System, universal and free for all its citizens.

In essence, the objective of FITSaludCuba is to publicize the potential Cuba has in the health field, which together with its pleasant climate, its magnificent natural landscapes, its cultural heritage, the warmth of its people and its comfortable hotel facilities, make up an ideal product to allow the nation to position itself as an international medical destination, so that those who visit it can reach All Health All at Once.