Santiago de Cuba Foresees Wide-Ranging Hotel Development

Santiago de Cuba Foresees Wide-Ranging Hotel Development

Santiago de Cuba is about to engage in a wide-ranging program of hotel development and foresees an increase of about one thousand rooms over the next years.

In statements to the news media during a tour through that Cuban eastern city, Marisol Rodríguez, Delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in the province, the next decade hotel capacity here should increase by 937 rooms, mainly in the facilities of the Cubanacan group.

“In the next days, she announced, there will be 158 new rooms as part of the coming development plan”.

Inside that program she referred to the expansión of the recently inaugurated hotels “Segundo Frente” (Second Front) and “Los Peregrinos” (The Pilgrims), both of the group Cubanacan. She mentioned also other facilities being built, among them hotel “El Cobre” in the town with homonym name, the “Enramada”, in the street of the same name, the “Perla de Cuba” (Pearl of Cuba), associated to railway activity, sports and another in Punta Gorda, next to begin operations.

Regarding Baconao, a well known tourist zone in the province, she said that refurbishment of the facilities of that beach resort is planned, especially the theme nature park, which although in phase of proposal, will enrich the offers of this destination.

She expressed optimism in the outcome of cruiser tours in the high season, having in mind the potentialities of the city and the short distance that separates the port from the historic center of Santiago.

As regarding the town of “El Cobre”, where the sanctuary to Cuba’s patrón saint, the Virgin of Charity, she considered it has a big potential for tourism.

Recently, hotel “Los Peregrinos”, about to be expanded, and “El Cobre” will have 41 rooms. Also, in that small town, there are numerous restaurants, places of interest and interesting cultural projects like a Steel Band, linked to the House of the Caribbean, and the choir “Voces del Milagro” (Miracle Voices), very welcomed both by national and foreign audiences.

Retaking the hotel theme “Los Peregrinos” she said they pretend to work the idea of pilgrimage, recalled in cities all over the world named Santiago, as Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and ours can also relive that tradition.

Finally she said the decision of authorities to continue working hard in tourism development of the province and stressed the main markets, already traditional as Canada, Germany, Spain and Holland, among others.

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