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Varadero boulevard, options for every taste

By: Mercy Ramos, Photos: José (Tito) Meriño
Varadero boulevard, options for every taste

Varadero, Cuba’s main sun and beach destination, has had a boulevard for several months now, where visitors will have a variety of options available to please everyone.
Varadero boulevard, options for every taste
Crossing into the boulevard, located between 62nd and 64th streets, is rather magical, because on both sides there are all kinds of establishments: clothing and footwear stores, restaurants -some of them specialized- such as Bolshoi with Russian food, another with Asian cuisine and a third, French-Swiss; cafeterias, markets, tourist services and airline tickets, as well as banking facilities.

A square for artisans is among the most attractive places for tourists, where the handicraft makers offer their items for visitors to be able to take home souvenirs of Varadero and Cuba in general.
Varadero boulevard, options for every taste
The pedestrian promenade also has a boutique specializing in selling coffee, for lovers of the aromatic nectar, as well as another selling chocolate and one with rum. Something that stands out in the boulevard for the constant flow of customers is the guarapera, where you can taste the exquisite juice of sugar cane, very natural and very Cuban.

One lively area is the cultural plaza on Calle 64, where adults and children can enjoy various concerts and shows, by day and night.
Varadero boulevard, options for every taste
The so-called Water Jets Fountain warrants a special mention as it’s designed especially for the enjoyment of the little ones, where they will have some healthy fun.

To complement the options, for those who wish to stay overnight on the boulevard, a ten-room motel operated by the Islazul hotel chain awaits you with all the necessary amenities.

If you choose Varadero for your vacation, now you have a new place to visit that will soon become a must, as it will provide you with healthy recreation and beautiful memories of your stay at that beautiful beach, the second best in the world, according to the largest travel website, TripAdvisor.

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