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Varadero, attractive Cuban beach resort


The most important Cuban resort, Varadero, appears today in the headlines of the tourism-specialized press, not only in the Caribbean, but in much of the world.

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Recreational Boats in Cuba

Text and Photos by Roberto F. Campos

Recreational boats have a distinct role in Cuba, as, in addition to serving as an enjoyable mode of transportation, they also represent the growth and development of recreational nautical activities within the country’s tourist sector.

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Cuba Golf Tournament, a tempting invitation

By Mercy Ramos, Photos: Courtesy of Palmares

Whenever “Cuba Golf Grand Tournament” is mentioned, golfers’ brains “light up”, not only because of the opportunity it provides golf enthusiasts to become part of such a prestigious event but because of the possibility of enjoying the wonders of Varadero, the second best beach in the world according to Trip Advisor.

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HAVANA City of Wonder

Text and photos: Publicitur

Havana is a Wonder City of the Modern World according to a global vote organized by the Swissbased New7Wonders Foundation. Riddled with symbols and surprises, this city is and always will be be astonishing.

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Segundo Frente Nature and wellness

By Mercy Ramos, Photos: José Meriño y Publicitur

To spend a vacation surrounded by unrivalled natural landscapes far from the noise and stress of the city is a privilege modern holidaymakers seek out. The aim is to disconnect completely when they take a break.

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Cuba, Unique and Authentic

Text and photos: Publicitur

The geographical location of Cuba—to the south of the Tropic of Cancer and bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean—has favoured a tropical climate suitable for long stretches of sunshine and beach. With surprising natural scenery, the Cuban archipelago is characterized by its fertile and evergreen surface. Its image from above resembles a long green lizard properly located in the middle of the surrounding blue.

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Sagua la Grande A New Cuban Tourist Destination

Text & Photos: Tino Manuel and Norlys

Recently launched as Cuba’s new tourist destination, Sagua la Grande was one of the focuses of this year’s FITCuba International Tourism Fair held in the northern keys of the Villa Clara province in the country’s central region.

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TARARÁ, an exceptional place to improve your life

Looking at images of the Siboney International Clinic at Residencial Tarará, it is easy to imagine it is located far from the city. However, only 25km from the center of Havana, Tarará offers paradise landscapes, lush leafy trees, a spectacular beach and a pleasant climate that allow its visitors to forget the noise of the city and immerse themselves in a haven of peace.

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Havana, City of Encounters

Text and photos courtesy of Publicitur

With its ancient and modern streets, its 1950s cars, buildings five centuries old, inviting tropical beaches, museums, art galleries, theatres and beautiful hotels... Havana is enchanting.

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Cuba Security in practice

By Mercy Ramos, Photos: Publicitur

Every traveller wants to know their chosen vacation location is safe. Travellers want a destination where they won’t be at risk of being assaulted or kidnapped. They want to know they won’t fall victim to crime or extreme weather phenomena, or to a deadly virus or other debilitating disease. Travellers want to count on a happy and secure stay.

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Keys & islets: Cuba’s hidden treasures

Nature has endowed the Caribbean with extraordinary charms, nothing short of divine: warm, clear, safe waters perfect for underwater adventures; placid, verdant islets, havens of stillness; coastlines that nourish body and senses, beyond imagination.

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Cuba´s Eternal Summer

Cuba’s heavenly tropical location and near-eternal summer temperatures go a long way to explaining why millions flock to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

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Taco Bay: Sailing and More

Text and Photos: Roberto F. Campos

A colourful natural landscape and a peaceful rural environment characterize Taco Bay in eastern Cuba, frequented by travellers seeking active outdoor vacations. According to tourist guides crossing Taco Bay was for a long time the only way to get to Baracoa, the first village founded by the Spanish conquerors in 1511.

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Hotel Nacional de Cuba Bursting with Cuban history

By Cubaplus / Photos: José Tito Meriño

Crossing the threshold of the majestic Hotel Nacional de Cuba is like taking a trip back in time. Enclosed within the walls of this imposing edifice are almost ninety years of quintessentially Cuban stories.

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