Baconao Park Benefits

 Baconao Park Benefits

Baconao Park, located in eastern Cuba, is a kind of paradise between sea and mountains for all nature loving travelers.

 Baconao Park BenefitsThe park is located some 20 kilometres away from the city of Santiago de Cuba, with a total surface area of 328 square miles. It was declared a World Heritage Biosphere Reserve in 1987 by UNESCO.

Its name relates to a legend dating back to a time before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America and tells the story of a magical tree called Baconao that allowed a native child to play music using snails found in a lagoon.  Baconao Park BenefitsThe park has several attractions, including an amusement park, an aquarium with an underwater tunnel 30 meters deep, a dolphin exhibit, coffee plantations, wildlife reserves, comfortable hotels, calm beaches and panoramic locations such as the Great Rock (Gran Piedra) which is a large volcanic rock measuring 167 feet long and 82 feet high. Weighing some 63,000 tons, one can reach its top only after climbing 459 stone steps to stand 1,234 meters above sea level for a great view.

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