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Enjoy your day of rest today on your favorite beach

By: Mercy Ramos
Sep 16, 2023
Enjoy your day of rest today on your favorite beach

The beaches are, perhaps, one of the places that most attract vacationers in the summer because, in addition to allowing contact with nature, it makes it possible to cool off In very hot times, sunbathe, make sand castles and practice various sports.

Something important is that they are natural formations whose function is to defend the coast from surf. They are also the main settings that serve for the reproduction of turtles, where multiple species coexist, including iguanas, crabs, seals and seagulls.

It is due to all these benefits that are fundamental for the survival of the planet, hence the unavoidable need to care for and maintain them. From this, at the initiative of the organization The Ocean Conservancy, whose origin is based on the international campaign of coastal cleanup called International Coastal CleanUp, since 1991, every third Saturday In September,

World Beach Day is celebrated in more than 150 countries. This anniversary was established with the objective of raising awareness among people about the marine  spaces and the environment and draw citizens to join the work of voluntary environmental cleaning and maintenance to improve and conserve those important spaces, through the collection of solid waste.

Regarding this, six years ago, the Cuban State approved a plan called Tarea Vida, whose fundamental purpose is to confront climate change and within that, one of the main objectives is to stop the deterioration, rehabilitate and conserve the coral reefs. This includes the cleaning and conservation of beaches.

Cuba, a small Caribbean island, has nearly 600 kilometers of coastline and within them 300 beaches that are free for everyone to enjoy. That is why it is necessary take care of them, which is why in the country there are different institutions dedicated to the sanitation of the beaches, in which everyone from the smallest to the oldest people participate.

Today, World Beach Day, we invite you to make this anniversary your own, because if you have decided to spend a pleasant day by the sea, do not hesitate to undertake some action that contributes to the conservation of the precious treasure that is our beautiful spa.

Don't throw rubbish, disposable cups, plastic doorknobs, cigarette butts...and if you see any of them in the sand pick them up and put them in a container, nature will thank you.

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