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Guesthouse Chateau Blanc, the only one of its kind in the largest Antillean Island

Guesthouse Chateau Blanc, the only one of its kind in the largest Antillean Island

Located in the Nuevo Vedado neighborhood of the Cuban capital, guesthouse Chateau Blanc is a novelty in terms of exclusive accommodation, as the only one in the country dedicated to kosher cuisine, which means &clean" or &pure".
Guesthouse Chateau Blanc, the only one of its kind in the largest Antillean Island
Duly certified as kosher in 2019 by Rabbi Simpser, after one year of operation, this boutique hotel offers its guests a specialized and exquisite tourist product.

In addition to the gastronomic service for religious Jews or kosher food fans, it offers its visitors a very charming, modern and elegant place to stay.

The house, constructed in the 1950’s, is impeccably maintained and gives the impression of time standing still. Seven magnificent and comfortable rooms, each with its own bathroom, and with all the comforts a person could wish for, are equipped to accommodate several people at a time.
Guesthouse Chateau Blanc, the only one of its kind in the largest Antillean Island
The luxurious Executive Master Suite has one king and one queen-size bed, a private living room with sofa bed, TV, dressing room and balcony, and can accommodate up to six people.

The Junior Suite is very spacious, ideal for families, with capacity for four guests, while the standard rooms are equipped for three users and just as comfortable as the others.

With large common areas for guests on the second and third floors, Chateau Blanc offers memorable options for relaxing with TV services, movie projections on request, board games and a vast library and newspaper library for those who enjoy reading, in addition to a gastronomic offer to please all kosher food lovers.

A variety of restaurants, a bar and lounges, both air-conditioned and open-air - where smoking is permitted, beautifully decorated with paintings by artists Enrique &Aávila and Juan Carlos Vázquez - will make for very pleasant evenings.

The Posh bar, presided over by a sculpture of the North American writer and Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Ernest Hemingway, also a work by &Aávila, is an outdoor place of tourist interest that also has a lounge with live Cuban music, premium spirits and cigars.

Kosher specialties
With a wide variety of fish, vegetable, pasta and dairy dishes, the guesthouse kitchens the facility’s kitchens have separate refrigeration, sinks, ovens, dishes and utensils to guarantee compliance with the high standards  of food preparation required in kosher cuisine.

The chefs working at the inn are very familiar with the strict dietary laws of kashrut, which allows them to create a memorable Cuban dining experience under strict kosher preparation.

It is important to know that Chateau Blanc is duly certified by the International Kosher Mehadrin (IKM), a highly respected kosher certification agency with over 25 years service in the field.

So if you are a lover of kosher cuisine or a follower of Judaism, you can now travel on vacation to Cuba without any limitations, because at the boutique hotel Chateau Blanc you have everything you need for a happy and carefree stay.


Calle Zoológico #103, e/ 36 y 38, Nuevo Vedado, La Habana, Cuba.
+53 5812 7948
+53 7 881 45 18

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